11 Architectural Moves

Apr 5–26
Tu–Sa, 12–6PM

40 Wooster St., NYC
+1 (646) 470–7552

01 Ece Yetim
Balancing Act: Social Piling

An interactive and tactile chair that induces fast intimacy

02 José Ibarra
Uncertain Grounds: Rethinking Settlement in the Anthropocene

A soft cave where one experiences the fastness of geological change in the Anthropocene

03 Zhonghui Zhu
Clip-on Urbanism: A Maker's Survival Guide to Shenzhen

A suitcase of curiosities that unpacks fast and reveals slow urban interventions

04 Kenny Chao
Indefinite Boundaries: Projections of Immaterial Space

A fast unfolding of shadows that leave their slow trace behind
05 Sophia Zhu
A Floating Urbanism

A floating drawing depicting a slow alternative habitat that rethinks postcolonial identity

06 Deborah Garcia

Three fast-talking consoles that show us a long and slow building

07 Zherui Wang
Climate as Medium

Three slow-breathing artifacts for environmental stipulation

08 Jessica Leung
Turning the Last Page: Knowledge Exchange and Political Crossings in Hong Kong 2046

A fast-forwarded pictorial that slowly narrates the transcendence of knowledge
09 Ece Emanetoglu
Watermelons and Walls: Building Infrastructure in Sur

A transforming topography that introduces slow infrastructure to bring back lost cultural practices

10 Erik Tsurumaki
Visual Guide to A House, Museum

A surface with several formats for looking at some slow and fast house museums

11 Rami Kanafani
this tower was reconstructed on the Green Line

A slow ramp for the viewing of a monumental fragment that resists political divide

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